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[icon_box border=”0″ title=”Bouygues” icon=”icon-lamp”]The purpose of this renovation is to reduce the energy bill and to valorise the asset.[/icon_box]
[icon_box border=”0″ title=”Avedøre” icon=”icon-tools”]The purpose of the renovation is to reduce energy use and energy bills. The target is to reach a Low Energy standard. The scope of the renovation is to develop a showroom for the best possible energy renovation solutions – to be replicated in the semidetached and the multifamily.[/icon_box]
[icon_box border=”0″ title=”NAPE” icon=”icon-lightbulb-line”]This use case aims to improve thermal comfort and reduce energy use/costs. Complex modernisation of the building envelope, ventilation system as well as the heating system is foreseen.[/icon_box]
[icon_box border=”0″ title=”HPHI” icon=”icon-light-down”]Deep Energy Renovation of the whole building according to the Passive House Premium standard. After completion the building will be certified as the first EnerPHit Premium in SE Europe.[/icon_box]


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