Key Project Milestones

November 2020

RINNO Requirements and Renovation Technology Catalogue and Roadmap to TRL9

February 2021

Architecture of the RINNO Suite

November 2021

RINNO Renovation Repository (V1)

June 2022

Multi-functional hybrid retrofitting solutions

RINNO Planning & Design Assistant (V1)

Pilot Planning and Setup

RINNO Retrofitting Manager (V1)

Multi-Purpose IoT-Enabled Building Monitoring (V1)

Building Lifecycle Renovation Manager (V1)

Business Models Definition

June 2023

RINNO Retrofitting Manager (Final Version)

Multi-Purpose IoT-Enabled Building Monitoring (Final Version)

Building Lifecycle Renovation Manager (V1)

Business Models Definition (Final Version)

Ricardian Contracts for Automated and Secure Transactions

February 2024

Pilots Demonstration

March 2024

RINNO Renovation Repository (Final Version)

June 2024

Evaluation Report for RINNO Pilots

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